Sands Point Preserve – The Guggenheim Estate


A castle on Long Island and just a short drive from Manhattan?  Really?

First let me say that for me to personally anoint this place as a “photographers paradise” will require another visit.  This time during late spring or early summer when the leaves are back, flowers are in bloom and birds are hanging around.  Despite the lack of wildlife (at least a variety of birds other than the common house sparrow and the seagulls on the beach) it was still a good start due to being on a cliff that overlooks Hempstead Bay.  Not only do you have the elevated view but a path that takes you down to the rocky beach too.

DSC_4508 a view of the castle from one of the many walking trails.

DSC_4464one point on the beach.

We didn’t get a chance to check out the inside of the homes here but we did walk all of the trails.  They have a man made pound that was iced over (really didn’t feel this was worth taking a photo of) and an abandoned building near the pond on the other side of a walking bridge.

DSC_4515abandoned building near pond

On one of the many trails you will also come across another bridge that is photo worthy.

DSC_4506another bridge on a walking path.

Earlier I said that this was a good start.  Maybe I should have said a nice start instead.  It’s a beautiful estate but not quite what I was hoping for (I’m pretty demanding in my expectations as a photographer though) but I can say that this place is great for non-photographers.  The trails are great.  One the trails is a fitness trail with workout station at different points.  The other thing that makes this place great is the fact that they allow you to bring your dog (granted it must be kept on a leash at all times).  Whether you are on the trails or the beach you are able to bring your dog along.



It’s $10 dollars per car load to get in (which is great if you car pool and are not alone) and plenty of picnic tables to enjoy your lunch outdoors.  Our day here was met with very little foot traffic which makes for a great outing.  Whether this is due to the time of year or not I don’t know but I will have that answer soon once it warms up.  I also have to point out that getting here had to be one of the easiest drives that we have done on Long Island.


I look forward in bringing more to you on Sands Point Preserve once it warms up but until then get ready for Friday’s blog.  I will be continuing my discussion on the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 with more images of Sands Point Preserve.

Best ~ R.

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