Connetquot River State Park Preserve…another nature paradise.

DSC_6531 Part of the Connetquot River

This is a beautiful state park.  It has plenty of trails. Some that are on asphalt and many on the beaten path through forest.  The Connetquot River runs through that park where a trout fishery has been established.  My wife GraceAnn and I had just finished up some business in the area early (again) and was looking for something to do (or a new place to see).  Of course I utilize my smart phone to look up parks within a 20 mile radius of where we were at.  Luckily for me the Connetquot River State Park Preserve came up as being really close and I’m a sucker for state parks.  I had my basic camera gear so if nothing else I would be able to get a few shots to decide later if this is a place to come back to.  Unfortunately though it was summer (normally a good thing for me) and at peek tick season.  Of course when we pulled in there were warning signs posted all over that they were experiencing a higher than normal tick infestation.  Of course this was a last minute decision thanks to being done early from an earlier commitment and did not have bug spray for this.  No worries though because the gate guard was kind enough to let us use hers.  So after a liberal spraying ourselves we set off to explore the park.

p1130339_44a taken from the web

The first thing you come to is this incredible estate lodge.  Do to the fact that we didn’t have all day we chose not to go inside so I have nothing to report about the coolness of the building other than what you see here.  We will be going back, though it may being during winter due to the ticks.  Speaking of winter, you can even do cross country skiing there.  There are plenty of wildlife (so we are told) but the only thing we experienced were some water fowls.  It is truly scenic when the trail hits the river area.  Most areas you can even see the bottom making the water seem very inviting.  Trout fishing is very popular here (with permit only) thanks to the fishery.  I think (but I can’t confirm right now) that fly fishing is only allowed (which I am eager to learn).  I will have another report (and maybe a small documentary about the park if I can get the permission) at another time when I can go there and spend a full day.  If you are there for just sightseeing then the entry fee is only $8 per car but you have to leave your four legged friends behind (thankfully we left our dogs at home).  No biggie considering the tick problem they had.  Check it out though just plan wisely your trip.  Summer…take bug repellent!

connqresize4 taken from web

Best ~ R

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