More pics taken with the new Panasonic DMC-FZ1000


This isn’t my “official” in-the-field review yet.  My intentions were to have had a full day of testing most (if not all) of the camera’s vast shooting options.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able (rather not willing) to do that.  It turned out to be just too cold for something I wasn’t receiving some kind of compensation for.  The short time I was out in the field I was able to find a couple of weaknesses of the camera so far.  Nothing that would put it off the list yet but things to be considered.  So far I have found that it’s focusing has pluses and minuses as well as noise at higher ISO but the latter is to be expected in camera’s with smaller sensors (though this sensor is bigger than most which shows in the photo quality).  I won’t go into details today as I want to save that for the final report.  From the shots I have done so far does have the camera leaning to being a great travel camera but what I want to know is will this be a great camera for vacationing pros or budget minded pros looking for that second or third camera.


Until next time ~ R

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