An Interview with 3D Character Animator Antonio (Aquilino) Medina


Hi everyone!  Okay.  So, today I have here an interview with Antonio Medina.  Antonio is a 3D Character Animator out of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area.  Antonio started drawing at a very early age and as he grew so did his skills.  He is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where he was a recipient of the SCAD Art Honors Scholarship.  Only a year after graduating, Antonio had his first animation short film accepted into a few film festivals, which garnered a couple awards.  From there his career continues to grow.  Let’s see what Antonio has to say.

Robert – At what age did you discover your talent for drawing?

Antonio – Let’s just say I started the day I could grab a pencil.

R – What did you draw as a child?

A – Cars.

R – What boy didn’t?

A – True but it may have been a little more unusual in my case.

R – How so?

A – As a child, when I really wanted a toy, I used to draw them on index cards to add to me collection and while watching many Saturday morning cartoons, I used to bring life to these index card toy characters through my imagination.

R – That is truly fascinating and inspiring.  What kind of things do you draw as an adult?

Antonio – I draw characters and life portraits.

R – Were you encouraged to pursue a career in the arts?

A – Yes I was.

R – What do you think you would have done if not the arts?

A – If not for arts I would have done something with sports.

R – Wow.  Okay.  I was not expecting the sports angle.  You have us really curious now.  What sport would you have liked to done something with?

A – Basketball.  Let’s be clear here though.  I never played professionally or on any organized team.  Basically just pickup games.  I was never good enough for it to be anything more than a really fun hobby.

R – So if you were good enough for basketball do you think you would have gone that route instead?

A – No.  Art is my passion and life.  Probably why basketball was nothing more to me than a hobby.  My drive was art rather than sports.

R – Let’s talk about your current animation project “Another Tomorrow” that you wrote and are directing.  What can you tell us about the film?

A – It’s a film about a village where every month a person is chosen at random to willingly sacrifice themselves as food to a relentless creature to keep a village safe until a child refuses and jeopardizes the livelihood of everyone in the village.

R – Sounds so dark.  Do the people in the village actually get eaten?

A – You’ll have to wait for the finished product.

R – Had to ask.  Okay.  So what was the inspiration for the film?

A – Inspiration came from the film (the village) also through artwork from

little red riding hood.

R – Is this a short film or feature film?

A – It’s another short film.

R – Is it easy or hard to find voice actors?

A – It’s easy to find actors however finding the right actor is hard and fir

this film I went through many actors to get what I feel are the best fit.

R – When do you expect the film to be ready?

A – I have not have an expected due date for the film.

Thank you Antonio for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be a part of this blog.  I hope you continue to grow and find much success in the field of your passion and I truly look forward to seeing you short film “Another Tomorrow”.

You can learn more about Antonio (Aquilino) Medina on Linked In and here is a little something for you by Antonio and his team from around the globe…the beginning stages of “Another Tomorrow” and Antonio Medina’s show reel.

Best ~ R

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